.Join Our Community: Make a Big Impact as a Volunteer

Energise Cycles, as a small charity with big dreams, greatly depends on the dedication and support of volunteers like you. We cherish the diverse talents and skills that our volunteers bring to the table, and we're always looking to expand our team with individuals who are passionate about our mission.

Community Ride Leaders

Are you passionate about cycling and skilled at leading groups?

We're on the lookout for enthusiastic ride leaders who can help us organise and guide cycling groups. Whether it's leading leisurely rides for beginners or challenging routes for seasoned cyclists, your leadership can inspire others to join our cycling community.

Join us at Energise Cycles and be a part of something bigger. Your volunteer efforts can make a meaningful difference in promoting cycling, sustainability, and community wellbeing. Together, we can pedal towards a brighter, greener future.

Volunteer Opportunities for Everyone 

No matter your expertise or background, there's a place for you at Energise Cycles. Whether you're a seasoned bike mechanic, an administrative wizard, a financial guru, or a marketing maven, your skills are invaluable to us. We welcome your unique talents and are excited to see how they can help us make a positive impact in our community.

We Value and Support Our Volunteers 

At Energise Cycles, we understand the importance of our volunteers. We deeply appreciate the time and effort you invest in our cause. That's why we go the extra mile to ensure our volunteers feel valued and supported. You're not just a part of our team; you're an essential member of our community.  

If you are interested, get in touch to volunteer with us!

Support Us in Multiple Ways: 
Your Impact Matters

While volunteering is incredibly valuable to us, we understand that it may not be feasible for everyone. Fortunately, there are various other ways you can contribute and make a significant impact on our mission at Energise Cycles.

Sponsor a Program

Consider sponsoring one of our exciting programs, such as the Community MTB Project or our MTB Riders Club. Your sponsorship helps us expand these initiatives, reaching more individuals and communities with the benefits of cycling. It's a tangible way to invest in the causes you're passionate about.

Financial Contributions

Another way to support us is through financial contributions. Your generosity allows us to continue our work, whether it's maintaining our workshop, organizing events, or providing resources for our community programs. Every dollar you give goes directly towards promoting cycling, sustainability, and community wellbeing.

Your support, whether through volunteering, sponsorship, or financial contributions, is essential to Energise Cycles' success. Together, we can continue to pedal towards a brighter, greener future, making a positive impact on individuals and communities alike.